Joplin web clipper exhaustive tutorial

Note: the screenshot of UI(user interface) is updated to the newest on 8th November 2020.

When we see a nice article on the internet, we may want to clip and save it. Joplin can help us do this conveniently, here is how!

Joplin setting

First of all, you should install joplin before this. This is the offical website of joplin, you can download application there. And then you can open the setting page of Web Clipper.

Note the button which number 2 points, if you do not turn on the service, it is “Enable Web Clipper Service”. After you click on it, it will switch to “Disable Web Clipper Service”. That is to say, the picture above shows the right state.

Install Web Clipper Extension

After we open the service, we should install the corresponding extension in our webbrowser. Here I use chrome as an example. As for firefox, it is almost the same, so don’t be anxious.

You may notice that the number 3 points a button. Yes, click it, then your webbrowser will open a page which you can install extension. You can click the install button to install it. After installing, you can see a icon on the top right coner of the chrome, if it isn’t there, please make sure you have activated the extension!

Now Clip Webpages

Now, after we have opened the service and installed the extension, we can clip the webpages we like. Let’s proceed!

When you find a nice post on the internet, you can click the icon on the top right coner of the chrome. The you will see a popup menu

Note that you should choose a notebook to save your content, maybe add some tags if you want. Then you can see there are 6 buttons you can choose. I recommend that you use the first one if you only want save the main content. The second button may clip many things unuseful for us.

If you want to see the differences between these items, you can choose to use them one by one on the same page and compare the result. I think it is distinct!

After you click a button and the work is finished, the extension will tell you whether the clipping is successful. If it is successful, you can find the content in the notebook you choose!

Thanks for your reading, hope it is useful for you!

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